Wireless Access Points

Wireless connectivity is a crucial component of network functionality, and no two wireless access projects are the same. Assurance Media's RCDD certified designers and BICSI certified technicians work together with industry-leading manufacturers of renown wireless access components to craft a solution for your business connectivity needs.

We design optimal wireless solutions by combining the best of wireless and cabled technology with wireless access points that fit your budget. Our team conducts an onsite inspection and utilizes interactive coverage software to determine the most effective and efficient wireless access point placement to service your building. We will design a custom solution to satisfy high capacities and foot traffic that you may experience in hospitals, educational, government and business environments. No matter the building materials or number of users Assurance Media has a reliable wireless connectivity solution for you.

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Wireless Access Systems

When designing wireless access systems there are several factors that determine which components are needed for quality wireless network coverage. These factors include the number of devices, floorplan size, building materials and more. Assurance Media consults with you about your facility's future and designs a system that is cost effective and capable of handling your business's needs for years to come. After this assessment of your space, Assurance Media's team of technicians install wireless system components. Our years of structured cabling system expertise help us identify cost savings for our customers.


An Integrated Solution

Assurance Media provides design, installation, and service of most wireless access systems

  • Base Stations
  • Cabling infrastructure for access systems and workstations
  • Access point installation and upgrade
  • Antennas & Range Extenders
  • Management Clients
  • Large Bandwidth and Capacity systems
  • Professional looking and low-profile applications




Wireless Access systems carry the weight of your workforce on the go. A lack of connectivity in your conference room or timeouts during routine applications on your devices running on Wi-Fi not only makes your company look bad, but truly affects productivity. Don’t let this continue! Call us today or request a quote below to start the process of repairing and futureproofing your wireless network.

Ready to Integrate a Wireless Solution

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