Visitor Self Check-in

The average office check-in procedure is reliant on a security guard or receptionist to check-in guests. However this method can be slow and time-consuming: consisting of many steps like the guest signing the login sheet, the attendant assigning security clearances, notifying the appropriate parties for the visitor, printing a badge, or assigning a temporary card for access in and throughout the building.

With Genetec ClearID™ visitors can check themselves in for a meeting from start to finish. Once a visitor checks-in, the host is notified by email of their guest's arrival. It is visitor management advancements like these self serve kiosks that are improving security policies and bolstering data necessary for tracking and everyone's safety.

Tabletop Self-check in Kiosk

Tabletop Kiosk

Badge Printing Kiosk Stand

Free-Standing Kiosk

Benefits of Self Check-in

There are many benefits to implementing this type of visitor management system. Genetec ClearID™ increases check-in efficiency, operator efficiency, and data management capabilities. From one all-inclusive portal staff can schedule meetings, send visitor invites, collect data, set security restrictions, implement health screenings, and so much more.


When an invite is sent outside the organization for an interview, for instance, a QR or Bar-code is sent along with any driving directions or parking instructions. This email invite can even include a link to your company's health screening survey to vet visitors before they enter your facilities. In terms of operations, this invite sets your organization apart in professionalism and operational efficiency.

The security operator will easily be able to utilize visitor records like never before. Easily an operator can search for a date and time frame to see what visitors were in the building at that time and for what reason. This access to data allows for quick followup in the event of an emergency or allow for contact tracing if someone becomes ill.


Consider your current visitor management system; keep in mind, these systems and protocols will vary by industry and from business to business. Implementing a more efficient visitor management system can help your business collect data, better vet and monitor visitors, protect your employees from threats, and create a positive first impression. An integrated visitor management and access control system through Genetec ClearID™ can provide increased safety, efficiency, and lasting value to your business now and in the future.

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