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Thermal Imaging Camera

Concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic have greatly increased the public's interest in the ability to monitor the well-being of individuals entering mass transit and large public gathering spaces.

I am sure you have seen thermal imaging cameras and similar devices being marketed as a solution to mass screen individuals, potentially identifying individuals with elevated body temperature.

As your trusted technology adviser, Assurance Media wanted to address the possibility of using a thermal imaging solution to combat the spread of illnesses like COVID-19.

Please see the capabilities of thermal imaging devices and information from a trusted partner. Mobotix has many years of experience implementing thermal imaging systems in manufacturing and packaging facilities. In these facilities, thermal imaging is used to detect errors on the assembly line for processing perishable foods into the package, etc. See more

It has recently been brought to Assurance Media’s attention, in light of the current COVID pandemic, the opportunity to utilize thermal imaging in the security space. First, I will address the facts about using thermal imaging to monitor the health of individuals in a public space.

Here are the Facts:

  1. This isn't a Corona-virus detector, estimates show they can be 99% accurate. (readings less than a degree of variance when properly deployed)
  2. While non-contact thermometer measurement of all guests may be impractical; thermal cameras are the best-known solution that exists on the planet, despite not being 100% accurate.
  3. What is it? It is a layer of security that a facility doesn’t currently have, effectively flagging higher temperatures & enabling them to isolate the individuals for further testing and prevent the spread of illness.


What’s Next for Thermal Cameras?

  1. Adoption: These deployments will be commonplace in the coming months. Many public places will likely start deploying these thermal imaging solutions, possibly being required to do so.

See Example: Click Here


Mobotix: As mentioned previously has been creating thermal imaging solutions for many years and they are now readying to be deployed locally, while these screening solutions are not yet installed due to being back-ordered, the first intentions are being prepared for New York hospitals, banks, medical facilities, and other essential organizations where the public is still permitted.


Why Assurance has partnered with Mobotix:

  1. Proven and extensive experience with this technology
  2. Tried and tested products


Should this topic show present itself within your organizations and you desire more information, please feel free to contact us using the form below and as soon as more information becomes available we will provide you with those updates. Product specifications are provided below for various Telethermographic Systems.

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