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Security Camera Installation

Winter is gone…. but not forgotten.

With the return of spring, it’s easy to forget about the last few winters. In fact, winter weather damage cost businesses nearly $5 billion in the last two winter seasons.

This winter we saw exterior cameras full of water and even a data center with five inches of standing water, just to name a few examples of winter impact. For more on these stories, check out the Project Highlight below to see how Assurance Media comes through “in a pinch” for its clients.

Scenarios like this bring an important question to light…why risk the hassle and costs associated with weather-related system failures? Assurance Media utilizes IP66 and IP76 rated security devices. These standards are certified dust, water, and pressure resistant products and will not be compromised by winter’s wrath. We use the latest weatherproofing on every piece of mounting hardware we install. Our experienced technicians know which systems could cause problems with your infrastructure and the latest technology and how to avoid and resolve problems.

Don’t be caught by surprise next winter! Give us a call (877-244-8997) to review your system’s weak points and create an action plan to curb costs and avoid downtime.

New Product Highlight: EPSON Interactive Displays

Collaborative interactive displays are rapidly becoming standards in business and education. EPSON’s latest line of projector-based interactive whiteboards and work surfaces set a new standard for all types of collaborative working environments.

EPSON’s systems save money by allowing resizing of the display to larger or smaller surfaces without additional hardware. These ultra-short-throw projectors can be placed as close as 12.2” from the desired surface while still projecting up to 100” on virtually any flat, light-colored surface or table, leading to a wide range of shadow-free usage - from collaborative work stations to digital signage and more.

The team at Assurance Media is excited to offer these leading-edge solutions to our clients.

Click here to learn more about EPSON Interactive Displays and how they can revolutionize the way you facilitate meetings and presentations. Submit a contact form on our webpage or give us a call (877-244-8997) to get connected with Assurance Media design experts and discuss how the latest interactive technologies can work for you.


Project Highlight: Curbing downtime, the best possible outcome for the worst possible situation

Among the winter problems we have seen in our many years of experience, one case was particularly horrifying for a large production facility in Trenton, NJ.

We received a call from a facility manager on Saturday morning after a menacing winter storm the night before. He explained how a 2” interior water main had burst and due to the deep snow it took city officials five hours to locate the lead and shut it off. In that time, five inches of standing water accumulated in their data center, bringing production to a grinding halt. Their existing cable contractor was overwhelmed and they needed help to find a quick solution.

Fortunately, our partner network of manufacturers came through and opened their doors for us at 5 AM on Sunday morning to supply the needed materials. By 8:30 AM that same day we were on site with everything we needed to relocate their facility.“This is exactly why I called you” was the theme of the day. By 9 PM that night the data center was relocated and the whole facility was back online at full operational capacity. The company’s leadership remarked “Our original estimates for this recovery didn’t have us to this point until mid-to-late this week. Your heroics on short notice and in the midst of severe weather has us back in operation days ahead of schedule.”While this situation was a “worst case scenario”, it also proved the value of having a dedicated team ready to help in an emergency. Call us (877-244-8997) today and let us help prepare your facility for a wide variety of unfortunate but avoidable worst cases!

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