Increase Productivity with Sound Masking

One study from UC Irvine found that employees are interrupted once every 11 minutes, taking them up to 23 minutes to get back into the flow of what they were doing before they were interrupted. Another study found that employees waste an average of 21.5 minutes per day due to conversational distractions, making speech privacy the number one cause of reduced productivity in any given workplace. Sound managment give you the tools to increase workplace productivity and speech privacy.

21.5 minutes is roughly 4% of an average workday, and some quick math shows that a company with 100 employees with an average salary of $50,000 per year translates to $200,000 worth of lost productivity per year.

Today, most corporate workplaces are moving toward large, open floor plans for office space. The dividers between workspaces have become both lower and thinner. Many dividers are now made with less sound absorptive materials such as glass. Sound management becomes necessary in this scenario as conversations can be easily heard through thin walls and office chatter easily becomes a distraction.

The Solution: Sound Masking

By adding sound to an area the conversations and speech become less audible, making it easier to block out, this is called sound masking. Ambient sounds are professionally engineered to reduce the distance where human speech is understandable so that it is less distracting. When installing a sound masking solution, emitters are mounted to the ceiling with appropriate spacing for effective acoustic coverage. Each emitter produces a sound that resembles water flowing or air flow. Click here to view our company's audiovisual case studies.

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Sound Management Systems

Sound Management Systems are being used by large industry leading enterprises, but is designed to scale from the smallest of applications to full-size facilities. Sound Masking Technology disperses sound masking only in spaces where it is needed, eliminating unwanted spillover into adjacent areas.

The system provides a uniform blanket of sound coverage throughout the workspace and is unaffected by ceiling design and the many obstructions that often litter the plenum, a problem for traditional sound masking applications. The sound is transmitted via four uncorrelated channels, creating a more pleasant and comfortable masking sound. The Sound Masking system is designed to grow and change with your business. Emitters can be moved and reconfigured with minimal effort and impact when your work space needs to change. The energy efficient emitters can integrate with paging and music functionality, making the system a complete solution for creating better acoustic environments.

Together with expert manufacturers in sound, Assurance Media’s knowledge and experience as a premier cabling and A/V system integrator is a winning combination for our clients. We work closely with manufacturer designers and sound engineers to evaluate your work spaces and create a custom sound masking plan for all types of facilities large and small.

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