Premise Security


Advanced IP-based technology

State-of-the-art design and installation of digital video recording solutions and security systems for any premise security need.

You work hard to build your business to provide for your associates, customers, yourself, and your family, so it’s imperative you keep it safe & secure against internal and external accidents and crime.

By partnering with Assurance Media, you’ll never worry about your premises being un-safe. Give yourself peace of mind with our advanced security and surveillance systems.


We understand that for businesses both large and small — revenue-generating or public service — premise security may not always be on the forefront of your minds. It isn’t until the effects of vandalism, accidents, or lawsuits hit hard at home that premise security becomes an issue.

Don’t wait for something to happen — take control by taking the right precautions today.

Today’s physical security installations are doing far more than merely serving as deterrents against crime and accident investigations. They can also serve as a reliable source of business intelligence for managers and supervisors.

Protecting your business starts here.

Limit access. Guard your employees. Keep yourself safe from injury and loss. No matter the scope of your security needs, Assurance Media’s Security Access Control solutions give you the power to do all this and more.

AccessControlManage who and what has access to your premises with the following flexible options:
  • Audio/Video Intercoms
  • Card-Swipe Readers
  • Multiple Entrance and Exit Points

Let us do it right the first time.

Assurance Media’s Security Access Control guards your people, assets, and premises in a simple, manageable way. This all-encompassing solution gives you the authority and information needed to keep your business from being just another crime statistic.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, we are your one-stop-shop for premise security solutions. Assurance Media provides quick installation, top service, and the leading edge…done right!