Hopkins and Sons, Inc., a locally-owned moving and storage company, was looking for a video surveillance solution that would provide perimeter observation of their 65,000-square-foot facility. Since they were expanding their services to include storing and securing high-value merchandise, they were in need of providing their clients with visual evidence of the receipt and condition of goods.

The Project

Like any business looking to do a major security overhaul, Hopkins was cautious in selecting the right partner to install their new security system. They approached several premise security companies, eventually receiving three quotes and three different options for covering their perimeter parking lots, entrances, and exits.

Some particular challenges facing Hopkins and Sons:

  • Interior cameras had to cover large areas from very high, as the wall space was covered with storage containers.
  • High amounts of sunlight obstructed clear camera views on the loading docks.
  • Their parking area was extremely large, included many corners, and had frequent tractor-trailer traffic that blocked camera views.

The Solution

Premise Security

To address the company’s specific needs and challenges, Assurance Media decided on the following solutions:

  • HD cameras equipped with excellent image quality (including night vision) and mounting brackets — placed high enough to cover the scope of the space.
  • HD cameras that compensated for varying light conditions within the same field of view. The HD capabilities meant that Assurance Media only needed a limited number of cameras to cover Hopkins & Sons main docking area.
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras partnered with fixed HD cameras in the parking areas — ensuring that no matter where the tractor-trailer was located in the facility, it could be easily and quickly viewed from every available angle.

In addition to meeting these challenges, Assurance Media gave Hopkins the option to view the property from multiple cameras and settings on a full-featured mobile phone application. Hopkins was also provided a way to allow clients remote access to view their merchandise without any special software with Assurance Media's security system solution.

Customer Quote

“We chose Assurance Media because of the detailed information provided to us during the selection process. Additionally, we were educated throughout the entire installation and the follow-up has been terrific.”

– Cathy Grieco, President, Hopkins and Sons, Inc.

Premise Security
Commercial Security Camera
Security Monitoring

Proud Partners

Vivotek HD Cameras provided an all-in-one camera option to answer the needs for image quality, vast and dynamic coverage, and nighttime vision. The HD capabilities of these camera models meant only a limited number of them were needed in the facility.

Milestone Systems XProtect Software provided the ability to monitor the health of the systems, remote access capability, and a server that allowed for playback, time search, presets, mobile control, and more.

“Joe [Mirolli] was very thorough and patient with all of our questions and concerns. Darrell, the head installer, was very polite, helpful, and extremely complimentary about the company he works for and their management and ownership.”

– Mark Pitrizzi, Vice President, Hopkins and Sons, Inc.

The Assurance Advantage

In the moving and storage business, it’s inevitable that some things may get damaged if not handled properly. In addition to covering the building with state-of-the-art cameras and cabling, Assurance Media gave Hopkins and Sons more quality control options for their clients – a vital need for anyone in the moving and storage industry.


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