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Who is Axis Communications?

Axis Communications enables a smarter and safer world by creating network solutions to improve security and to find new ways of doing business. We operate in the IT and security industries and have extended into the audio, voice over IP and building automation markets. Our experience working with network video and audio solutions, analytics and access control contributes to the protection of people and property, process optimization, and increases business efficiency and information access.

Company History

Axis Communications was formally founded in 1984 by Mikael Karlsson, Martin Gren, and Keith Bloodworth. We operate using an indirect sales model which has resulted in us becoming the global market leader in network cameras and video encoders. Today, we’re driving network video development, providing a variety of network video products and creating various Internet of Security Things products to broaden the use of IP networks.

We began selling print servers in 1984 and eventually, our passion for innovation lead us to invent the world’s first network camera, Neteye 200, in 1996. This camera revolutionized the industry, transforming video surveillance from analog to digital. Our technology has evolved and developed into the solutions that we are now able to provide.

Today, we have over 3600 employees with a presence in more than 50 countries, thanks in part to our loyal partners, like Assurance Media. We are thankful to have experienced steady growth over the past 16 years.

Products and Services

Our products and service offerings can be categories into 4 different areas, video surveillance solutions, access control solutions, audio solutions, and training, service & support. Our product portfolio includes network cameras, encoders, a video management system, network video recorders, analytics packages, and other applications that operate on an open platform meaning they are compatible with our partners' solutions. We also have one of the most highly-rated technical support teams in the industry.

If you are interested in any Axis products or services, please call 1-800-444-2947, option 1 to speak with a member of the sales team. Please also indicate that you are contacting Axis because of the Assurance Media newsletter. To learn more about Axis solutions, visit our website: www.axis.com. 

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