Project Snapshot

Project: New Rehoboth Elementary 

Customer: Cape Henlopen School District

Building Type: Educational

New/ Remodeled/Restored: New

Services Provided: Structured Cabling Infrastructure & Audiovisual Solutions

Project Size: 92,000 sq/ft

Completion Date: October 19, 2019



In February of 2019, Assurance Media was contracted to install the low voltage cabling infrastructure and audiovisual systems for the new 92,000 square foot Rehoboth Elementary School being built in Rehoboth, Delaware. Construction began in January of 2018 with the goal that the school would be ready to welcome back students in the fall of 2019. Our team officially started working at Rehoboth Elementary on February 11th leaving a brief 6 months to complete our portion of the project with the majority of the physical work being done in the summer, which is always a busy time in the construction industry.

45 Interactive Projectors

21 Smart Interactive Displays

489 Data Drops

The Project

In an educational setting, intentional thought must be put into the solutions to ensure they are user-friendly, long-lasting, and flexible solutions. For us, that meant installing Crestron sound and audiovisual equipment due to the acknowledgement of the quality and dependability of their systems in the audiovisual industry. This decision allowed us to provide the customer with the ability to control their systems using a smart touch panel complete with easy to understand icons a logical menu workflow. Flexible solutions were also implemented like the iRover cart, which is a mobile smartboard mount on wheels that can be moved from classroom to classroom. The cart is motorized too, allowing for the screen to be moved up or down depending on the age of the students using the board. A flexible solution like the iRover is the future of education as it allows any space at any time to be utilized as a classroom.

The Solution

Smart Interactive Display

Audiovisual Solutions

Our team installed 45 interactive projectors, 21 Smart Interactive Displays, speakers, microphones, and wireless access points throughout the 5-wing building. Our audiovisual team designed and installed three large audiovisual systems within the school in the Gym, Cafeteria, and Band Room that included speakers, amplifiers, wireless microphones, projectors, projector screens, and a control panel. The goal in designing these systems was to make them as automated as possible to avoid the need for any manual adjustment and control when used. This automation will allow any teacher or presenter to walk into the space, press a button to lower the projector, easily select the source input for the presentation on the control panel monitor, and begin presenting.

The three large motorized projector screens were installed each weighing 36 pounds and measuring 64 inches in length. Two scissor lifts were utilized to hang the projector screens due to the building’s high ceilings. This process was tedious because the mounted projector and the suspended screen have to be properly aligned and can only be 30 to 50 inches in distance from each other. In addition, due to the detailed planning and coordination that occurred ahead of time, the majority of the work was done by our cabling technicians which allowed us to limit the time our highly specialized audiovisual technicians needed to be on site. This creative utilization of labor meant that our specialized audiovisual technicians were available for work on other projects while savings was passed onto the customer.

Ladder Tray and Cabling

Structured Cabling

In addition to installing several large audiovisual systems, the Assurance Media team was also responsible for furnishing and installing 489 Cat 6A cable drops for workstations, labs, phones, and other devices throughout the 5 wings of the school. In the design phase, the District chose to build a longer single story building instead of having one with multiple floors. This design created the need for more data closets in order to limit the length of the data cable runs. This model of deployment solidified the performance of the network as long cable runs have been shown to result in decreased connection performance. The team utilized Cat 6A cabling for the entire infrastructure, including the wireless access points, to provide enhanced performance and future proof the project for the increasing demand throughout the facility.

Outdoor Rear Projection
Smart Interactive Display
Outdoor Wireless Access Points
Interactive Projector

Customer Quote

“The Cape Henlopen School District has had the pleasure of working with Assurance Media on our new Rehoboth Elementary School. Assurance provided us excellent turn-key service while implementing state of the art technology solutions for our school. The management team and crew in the field have been very easy to work with in all phases of this project. Assurance provided a high level of construction excellence and were extremely professional to work with.”

– Brian J Bassett
Director of Capital Projects
Cape Henlopen School District

The Assurance Advantage

Our team finished the project on time, allowing the school to be open that fall for students. This project is a true testament to the integration of multiple systems and will be remembered as one of our most advanced audiovisual solutions being used in an educational setting. We exceeded the expectations of the Cape Henlopen School District by creating a solution that fit the needs of the school, staff, and students in the timeframe needed while being safe.

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