Public View Occupancy and Marketing Monitors

Public View Occupancy and Marketing Monitors

Security, Occupancy Counting, and Marketing

When you walk into almost any gas station, convenience store, or retail establishment look up and you’ll probably see yourself on a video surveillance monitor. The use of these public view monitors was deployed more than two decades ago for use in convenience stores, check cashing locations and big-box retail sectors. Public View Occupancy and Marketing Monitors have been proven by security professionals across many industries to deter and reduce criminal activity.

Although traditionally used for security purposes, Public View Monitors offer value beyond commercial security. Public View Monitors can be utilized for promotional advertising and to help manage occupancy more efficiently. Instead of tasking an employee to manage occupancy technology can be utilized to more efficiently monitor capacity.

Benefits of Public View Monitors

  • Increased Branding and Advertising
  • Advanced Content Creation
  • Occupancy Counting and Management
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Loss Prevention
  • Easy Integration with Existing Security Systems
  • Cloud-Based Video Recording


Deploying Public View Monitors

Public View Monitors are suspended from a ceiling and face retail customers as they enter a store, immediately conveying that surveillance video is being used. Monitors today are sleek and lightweight in design and integrate easily into almost any retail environment, and many have the bonus of being able to provide digital signage, promotional and special event advertising, and brand messaging. The live Occupancy Counting capabilities increases operational efficiency and allows employees to focus on serving customers instead of manning the door with a digital counter.


Increase your security system's visibility, promote products, and elevate the stress of occupancy counting. Public View Occupancy and Marketing Monitors offer value in the current state of reopening and value into the future in terms of advertising capabilities and increased loss prevention. If you own or manage a business and are interested in this solution please click the buttons below to speak to an account manager today.

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