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The Importance of Premise Security

You work hard to build your business to provide for your associates, customers, yourself, and your family, so it’s imperative you keep it safe & secure against internal and external accidents and crime with an effective premise security system.

By partnering with Assurance Media, you’ll never worry about your premises being unsafe. Give yourself peace of mind with our advanced security and surveillance systems. Security cameras will be expertly placed to comprehensively cover your property.

We understand that for businesses both large and small — revenue-generating or public service — premise security may not always be on the forefront of your minds. It isn’t until the effects of vandalism, accidents, or lawsuits hit hard at home that premise security becomes an issue. Our 20 plus years of experience makes us the leaders in the commercial security field.

The Assurance Media Advantage

Our diversified experience installing leading edge security solutions for high definition video surveillance, electronic access control, and intrusion detection systems gives our customers the situational awareness they have been looking for. We pride ourselves on delivering industry-leading solutions with the latest, reliable technology, and software in the field. Our highly trained technicians are certified by Axis, Vivotek, Exacq, and S2 Security just to name a few systems.

We are well versed in the design and installation practices of video analytics for aerial drone defense, gunshot detection, virtual perimeter fences, and more! Assurance Media installs integrated solutions that combine network infrastructure with audiovisual distribution that allow easy, remote access to view live footage with a full-featured mobile phone application. Each security system is custom to meet your facility’s security needs.

Premise Security Solutions

Manage who and what has access to your premises with Assurance Media's flexible options.

Protect your Business and Employees with a Custom Solution

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