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Open office floor plans became increasingly prevalent during the 1990's with the thought that fewer physical barriers will increase co-worker productivity through increased collaboration. Coworker collaboration has looked increasingly different in 2020 due to the pandemic. Many workforces are working remotely and are utilizing video conferencing technology to collaborate. As the fall approaches, companies are planning what the remainder of the year will look like for their workforce.
An office's cabling infrastructure is essential as employee productivity depends on connectivity. A change in the office's layout to allow for social distancing may also require additional changes to the existing cabling infrastructure.

Before (Figure A.)

After (Figure B.)

Companies looking to move essential employees back to the office or rotate employees’ days in the office in shifts may need to rethink their open floor plans. The first diagram above illustrates a typically collaborative office space; in this scenario, employees cannot practice social distancing safely. The forward-facing workspaces can be made safer by adding protective screens or re-configuring the office as shown in the second diagram. Office reconfiguration allowing employees to face different directions and socially distance themselves decreases the chance of exposure.

A change in office layout may also require additional cabling to allow for employee safety and productivity in the workplace. Contact a Registered Communications Distribution Designer today to create a plan for reopening the office while utilizing the existing network infrastructure.

A new office configuration like the one above is more than new furniture or a new layout. This space must now be functional and safe for employees. Part of this office functionality includes optimal connectivity; the current voice and data cabling connections, indicated by the triangles in Figure A, may not be compatible with a new office layout in Figure B that allows for a minimum of 6 ft between work-spaces.
Assurance Media’s experienced RCDDs (Registered Communications Distribution Designers) can help you plan for the future of your office by designing a new structured cabling infrastructure to accommodate a new office configuration or new furniture with increased barriers. Designers will utilize the existing infrastructure and data cabling in order to minimize the need for additional cabling whenever possible. In addition to meeting your structured cabling needs, our designers can help with commercial audiovisual and security solutions. Fill out the form below to request a site visit to plan your office's voice and data cable reconfiguration.

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