The plan was simple for this well known commercial client...create the most dynamic, inspiring, and collaborative office in the city. The client reached out to Assurance Media to contract design, installation, and maintenance services for its new office retrofit in Wilmington. Assurance Media provided exceptional value being engaged in the project from the design phase to completion. Knowing the project from its inception provided us with a detailed schedule over time and when the time came to arrive on-site we were just itching to build our shared vision of a cool and connected modern Ad agency.

The Project

To make these new headquarters come to life, our team provided the voice & data cabling infrastructure, digital signage, and the premise security system consisting of cameras and an access control system. The modern office design required painted conduit to best conceal the cables due to the floating drop ceilings prevalent throughout the conference and huddle rooms.

These collaborative spaces were outfitted by our team proving that design and connectivity can exist together. With glass as the central building material for the office, custom brackets were created to conceal the connections to the conference room scheduling panels and accommodate the office's design. Our team also outfitted several glass doors with access control and security devices with expert precision to ensure security and design. In just four months, the new commercial headquarters were move-in ready complete with cabling, audiovisual, and premise security solutions.

The Solution

  • Custom Brackets for Conference Room Schedulers
  • Painted Conduit to Conceal Cable in Spaces with Floating Ceilings
  • Expertly Installed Access Control and Security Cameras
  • Large Corporate Displays and Projectors in Collaborative Spaces

Customer Quote

"We had a tight timeline and many obstacles throughout the project, but the Assurance Media team never waivered and delivered a great product and experience for our teams"

         - Company's CFO

The Assurance Advantage

Creating the most dynamic, inspiring, functional, and collaborative office in the city requires more than fancy carpet and modern furniture. Assurance Media provided the essential infrastructure and technology for collaboration, functionality, and connectivity by installing conference room schedulers, an access control system, a complete security system, and an advanced cabling infrastructure. Contact Assurance Media for the design, installation, and maintenance of your premise security, audiovisual, and cabling systems to best utilize technology in your corporate office. 

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