Security Camera Maintenance Plans in Delaware
Response Time72 hours48 hours24 hours
Standard Support
Server Health
Automated Reporting
(if supported)
Server Software
Updates Installation*
Field-of-view Assessments and Remediation-IncludedIncluded
Firmware Updated-Included (if required)Included (if required)
Software Health Checks
Configuration Backups
Camera Cleaning-Add onIncluded**
4-hour Emergency Response ServiceN/AN/AKey Camera, Total Outage Coverage
Replacement Parts10% Off Purchase Price10% Off Purchase Price100% Coverage
Repair Labor10% Off Current100% Coverage100% Coverage
Add-On to Any PlanAutomated Enhanced NotificationSystem Crash KitForensic Video Review and Evidence Assistance
See maintenance plan contract for details. Assurance Media Provides a 100% Warranty, including onsite service and support against installation defects for a period of ninety (90) days. We guarantee our products are installed in a proper workmanship manner and at any point, during the first 90 days your product fails for any reason; Assurance Media will repair or replace the item at no charge. After 90 days, if your installed solution fails due to any direct installation defect caused by improper installation, Assurance Media will cover 100% of parts and labor for the period of 1 year. After 90 days, in cases where the manufacturer’s product has failed, our warranty requires the owner to make a claim with the manufacturer for repair and/ or replacement.
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