Live Streaming

Live Streaming allows you to share any event effortlessly on the most utilized video platforms. Stream live, sporting events, concerts, graduations, and more. Our security team will meet with you to evaluate the best security cameras for your needs. Wildlife cameras allow you to share with your audience the most breathtaking moments in nature. Assurance Media is a Gold Partner of Axis Communications. Once the security cameras are installed our team of technicians will utilize Camstreamer software to configure the live stream to broadcast on as many or as few video platforms as desired. Customize your streaming by including your organization's logo or tagline on the live stream itself.


There are many benefits of hosting a Live Stream online including: community interaction, increased SEO, publicity, and more! Once set up, Live Streaming requires little maintenance. Assurance Media offers security maintenance plans to ensure your cameras are properly cleaned and maintained over time. Click here to view our selection of maintenance plans. Whether you need to host a one-time event or share the daily life of local wildlife throughout the year, our security team will design and implement a solution to meet your needs. Click the buttons below to get started today. 

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