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No wind, rain, sleet or snow could keep some devoted members of the Assurance Media team from sheathing houses for Habitat for Humanity. Early morning on Saturday, February 15, though the wind was blowing and the freezing rain was spitting, the Assurance Media team gathered in the Cooper Run neighborhood of Wilmington to get the day’s assignment; sheathing. Considering the conditions, rain, sleet, and wind, sheathing (putting the plywood sides on the house’s framing) was a formidable challenge.

The team handled the challenge with no problem, however, sawing, drilling, and hammering the plywood into place around the framing of 4 townhomes. The Assurance Media team that day consisted of Jennifer Mckenzie, Tom DiOrrio, Darnell Williams, Chris Honeycutt, Jim Davies, Justin Mendick, Daryl Lucas, Vaughn Kenny, Mike Abeln, and Steve Stellini. By the day’s end, they had shocked the site directors with a large amount of work completed.

“The weather was very difficult but we pushed through it and got a lot done,” said President, Jennifer McKenzie. “By the time the day was over, we had put up almost all of the plywood around the outside of the townhomes. It was very hard but rewarding work.”

Because of the success of our first build day, Assurance Media will definitely continue to support Habitat for Humanity in the future. Whether doing a cutting-edge security, AV, or cabling job for a valued client or building a townhouse for the disadvantaged, the Assurance Media team can be sure to deliver the leading edge, done right.

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