Elevated Body Temperature Screening

Elevated Body Temperature Scanner

A fever is one of the signature symptoms of the Coronavirus. Many businesses, religious groups, and public health officials are utilizing OneScreen GoSafe Technology, specifically Body Temperature Scanners, to scan for temperature and mask presence. Tools, such as these are utilized to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As more parts of the United States lift quarantine restrictions while trying to suppress the disease, temperature and mask checks are becoming a daily ritual for workers, diners, and worshippers.

The Thermal Radiometry (TR) cameras in scanners detect an elevated temperature allowing organizations to easily implement a health scan into security procedures. Health scans can also be directly integrated with your business or organization's access control system. When implemented these health screenings will only allow access only if a mask is detected and there is no evidence of elevated body temperature, if these are the requirements that are set as standards for the organization.

Benefits of Pre-Screening Technology

  • Scanning Time is Less Than One Second
  • Live Video Assistance Allows for Real-Time Approval for Entry
  • Access Control Integration Available
  • Manage Scanners and Data in a Centralized Management System
  • Collect Valuable Data for Tracking and Attendance

Floor Stand Version

Table Top Mount Version


Open your business or organization with confidence by installing an Elevated Body Temperature Scanner. Choose between a wall mount, tabletop, or free standing model to start collecting valuable data. This data can be used for tracking to prevent the spread of disease and attendance purposes. If you are interested in installing a scanner please click the link below to fill out the contact form and be put in contact with an account manager.

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