Commercial Intrusion Detection System

Your organization's perimeter is often the first line of defense in keeping intruders out. In environments such as business complexes, school grounds and university campuses, the perimeter can extend far beyond your actual buildings. An unmonitored permimeter becomes a security vulnerability. A commercial intrusion detection system allows your organization to protect its perimeter no matter the geography or expanse.

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How does it work?

Our perimeter protection solutions are multi-layered incorporating fence line alarms, thermal imaging, radar detection, cross-line detection, and advanced video analytics to give you early warnings of potential breaches through your secured perimeter. A comprehensive responsive solution with our Situation Management software options allows you to address the complete security cycle with detailed response plans.

Benefits of Intrusion Detection

Early detection allows easy verification through the power of intelligent video surveillance. You’ll know if an intruder is approaching even before they reach your facility. With continuous tracking using automated PTZ cameras, and time saving camera linking you’ll be able to continuously track an intruder’s movements along your perimeter and within your facility.


Assurance Media designs for flexibility. No matter your preferred configuration, we’ll enhance your protection and security. With the threat of an intruder, every second counts. An intrusion and detection system allows security breaches to be detected quickly allowing for expedited safety precautions to be taken. 

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