One of the inevitable challenges that face property managers is the transition from one tenant to the next. The space’s network infrastructure is often overlooked in this transition and can lead to the following issues; unnecessary expenses to install new cabling, an abundance of abandoned cable in risers, or increased inconvenience and costs for the new tenant. The solution to avoid unnecessary expenses, code violations, and installation delays is cable management.

Typically, when a tenant’s contract is up the cabling is cut by the client and the existing cabling is rendered useless and is considered abandoned. Depending on the structure of the building these abandoned cables can interfere with the active cables of other tenants if they are in the same vertical riser. Risers are the vertical pathways for cables in buildings with many floors like skyscrapers. Abandoned cables can also present fire code violations and safety issues.

Reconfiguration Costs and Hazards

In addition to the potential fire hazards and code violations caused by cut, abandoned cables, these cables can present a large expense to either the property manager or the new tenant. The expense incurred in order to re-install the cabling network infrastructure can be a large deterrent to new tenants that may have a tight deadline in which to move in but now they must accommodate for the installation of the cabling in order to even allow employees to start working.

An alternative to covering the re-installation costs of the network infrastructure or passing this expense onto the tenant is to hire a telecommunications company that will reconfigure the existing structured cables for your next tenant. As the property manager, require tenants to leave the cables when their contract is up; allowing your chosen telecommunications partner to coil the existing cables in the ceiling until the next tenant is ready to move in. After the initial reconfiguration, your chosen telecommunications vendor can be contacted by your tenants directly for service and repairs saving you both time and money.

Choosing a Cable Management Company

When choosing a telecommunications partner be sure to look at their history and experience. Be sure to ask about the company’s labeling standards are they using the ANSI TIA 606-B standard? Ask if you can see examples of past installations. Do they have RCDDs on staff? Do they have BICSI certified technicians? Partnering with a reputable telecommunications company reduces the risks of fire hazards, code violations, and unwanted cable cross talk. The telecommunications company will implement a schedule of routine audits to identify abandoned cables to prevent any communications issues.


If you would like to talk to Assurance Media about partnering or have any questions about our cable management services please contact us. Our team of designers and technicians will assist your tenants with configuration, installation, repairs, and troubleshooting saving you as the property manager time and money. Eliminate abandoned cables in your risers and provide optimal connection to your clients today!

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