Bogen Communications


Bogen Communications, Inc., is a leading provider of sound systems and telephone peripherals for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications the world over. Bogen dominates as a leading provider within the sound systems and telephone market.

About Partner

Bogen’s Telco line of business provides the corporation with a leadership position in the U.S. overhead paging market segment.

Bogen Communications' Pro Audio line of business, along with Bogen’s acquisitions of NEAR and Apogee Sound brands, expands the Bogen family of products to address applications ranging from single speaker systems to large-scale concert music systems.

Why Bogen Communications?

As a leading provider of various commercial telecommunication solutions for a vast array of applications, from commercial to industrial, Bogen Communications, Inc. is an invaluable partner. Assurance Media has installed Bogen products in schools to achieve a successful intercom and signaling solution.

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