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X Series Newline

Who is Newline Interactive?

A New Year is the perfect opportunity to introduce a new audiovisual solution. Newline Interactive provides innovative products that enable businesses to collaborate, share, cast, and video conference with a single interactive display. If you find your conference room's audiovisual system frustrating, unreliable, or difficult to operate it may be time to try a solution from Newline. Newline has distinguished itself within the industry by creating state-of-the-art products that are simple to use so that everyone and anyone can interact and enjoy the innovation behind them.

Bring your team together for efficient and easy collaboration with the Newline X Series. The X Series is much more than a digital whiteboard, it integrates cameras, microphones, and a touch screen into one intuitive board. In addition to the X Series, there are 4 other interactive board product lines from Newline.


Featuring both noise reduction and echo cancelling technology so that you are always heard clearly

Built-in Camera

Two wide-angle, 1080p are built in to let you be seen wherever you are sitting

Advanced Touch Features

InGlass touch provides a seamless intuitive writing and touch experience


This interactive board allows you to share your screen from any device

Fully Integrated Computer

Built-in OPS for utlimate collaboration


Choose to clear or save confidential data after a meeting

Products and Services

Newline carries five product lines, which include solutions for both business and education. Choose between the X Series, VN Series, RS Series, IP Series, and NT Series and experience collaboration like never before. These interactive boards are available in a range of sizes from 55 to 86 inches. Schedule a demo with Assurance Media today by clicking the button below. If you would like to learn more about Newline and its leading-edge products click here.

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