Electronic Access Control

The control you want at the convenience you need.

Integrating cutting edge access control systems with your new or existing premise security systems will help protect your business against both internal and external threats. With Electronic Access Control Systems — and by leading access control manufacturers such as S2 Security — you have the ability to monitor and control who has access to any entry, exit, cabinet, and more on your premises.

Why utilize Assurance Media Access Control for your business?

It puts YOU in charge!Intercom1

  • Choose who has access to what and when
  • Streamline management and administrative tasks with real-time employee supervision
  • Customize and scale your options to match your security objectives
  • Reduce keying costs
  • Have access to online support and security reports
  • Feel assured with the leading edge in physical security
  • If you have internet, you have access.

    Give yourself greater control of who and what enters your business even while off the premises. Access Control lets you access your security options wherever you are located — as long as you have an internet connection. 100% web based. Seamlessly tie access events to video events on the page.

    Our expert technicians make installation easy and cost-effective so that your business can have superior protection as soon as possible.

    Intercom Entry

    We offer the leading edge in intercom technology. Our systems allow you to identify your guests before they enter your business, eliminating the risk of unknown intruders. From a centralized control point, you can rest assured that your business is protected from unnecessary risk.

    Assurance Media Intercom Entry Systems let you…
  • Identify Guests Visually and/or Audibly
  • Restrict Access
  • Increases Safety
  • Grant access from remote locations
  • Allow multi-tenant visitor access management
  • Rescue Assistance Intercom stations
  • Use Assurance Media Intercom Entry Systems as a standalone solution or combined with a complete access control system.

    Protect your staff and property with Assurance Media’s Electronic Access Control solutions. Our integrated systems provide you with many ways to help you reach your safety and security objectives.