Cambridge Sound Management

Cambridge Sound Management provides state of the art sound masking solutions for all types of working environments with their scalable Qt® product line.



Cambridge Sound Management is pioneering the next generation of sound masking solutions. Traditional sound masking systems, created in the early 1950s, use speakers the size of paint cans and require significant post-installation commissioning. Still on the market, these outdated systems were not designed for today’s modern facilities. Cambridge Sound’s patented QtPro™ solution, powered by direct-field Quiet Technology, is less invasive and delivers high-quality uniform sound masking without complex commissioning. The QtPro solution consists of three inch emitters that can be mounted in any ceiling type and networked control modules with independent zones that can be managed from a smartphone, tablet, or PC. This approach results in better performance, more precise coverage, and lower costs.

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Cambridge Sound Management was founded in 1999 in Cambridge, Massachusetts by an MIT PhD with a distinguished heritage in the field of acoustics and audio engineering. Developing proprietary technology based on research and development in acoustics, science, architecture, and facility design, Cambridge Sound Management launched its first commercial sound masking solution in 2001.

Assurance Partner

Cambridge Sound Management provides second-to-none partner support. The company provides partners with everything they need to service their customers’ sound masking needs, including hands-on certification and training, design and installation guidance, in-house tech support, and a dedicated team of field engineers.

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