September 2017 Bi-Annual Team Meeting

The Assurance Media team came together for our bi-annual Team Meeting at Iron Hill Brewery last week. In these meetings, we evaluate progress towards our goals, review best practices for SAFETY, and celebrate successes while reviewing the customer satisfaction surveys we received in the first half of this year. During this time, we recognized our teammates who went above and beyond in servicing our customers. More →

Building with Habitat for Humanity

Neither unrelenting heat nor sunburn stopped the Assurance Media team from getting the job done downtown this past weekend. On a hot Saturday some of our the team assembled to help build a row of houses in downtown Wilmington with our Habitat for Humanity New Castle County friends. As a group we surpassed all expectations for the day’s progress and had all of the exterior walls on two homes completed by the end of our shift. More →

Back to Back Diversity Awards!

We are honored to go back to back years as an ABC Inc Gold Level Diversity & Workplace Inclusion award winner. Our focus from inception has always been on our customers and our people. We believe our growth and success has come primarily from this focus and a commitment to our company values. More →

Achieving Excellence

Left to right: Joe Mirolli, Chris Honeycutt, and Justin Mendick of Assurance Media with Luther Jennings, Linda Jennings, Elaine Elston, and Scott Willey of MOT Charter High School

We were honored to receive two awards at the Associated Builders and Contractors Inc Delaware Chapter’s 2015 Excellence in Construction Awards Banquet. The first was a Gold Level Diversity & Workplace Inclusion award, honoring us for our continued efforts to keep individuals and suppliers limited only by their own potential. More →

Introducing Sound Management by Assurance Media

Assurance Media is proud to announce our partnership with industry leading sound masking solutions provider Cambridge Sound Management.


Most workplaces today feature open floor plans with smaller, and often shared, workstations. Lower partitions and less sound absorptive materials such as hard or glass surfaces and thinner walls and doors are used in modern office construction and retrofits and without a plan for managing sound around the office there can be unnecessary noise distractions that cause real business problems. More →

Team Meeting and Wipeout!

The whole Assurance Media team comes together twice a year for our bi-annual company meetings to review our progress toward goals, to talk about how to be the best we can be and to celebrate our Customer Satisfaction Maniacs. We applaud the efforts of our teammates who went above and beyond in servicing our customers in the first half of this year and were happy to announce some new partnerships with manufacturers. More →

Assurance Media’s Habitat for Humanity Day

On a Saturday morning the Assurance Media team gathered once again to help Habitat for Humanity’s New Castle County’s latest project. The building will be used to house out-of-town volunteers staying for weeks at a time to help with other projects around New Castle County. Eventually the house will be re-purposed and given to a family in need, as all other Habitat homes are. More →

Cables Threaten Downtime

A quick Infographic on often overlooked aspects of outdated, overworked and insecure data and voice cabling infrastructure.

Avoid the high cost of downtime! Give us a call or fill out a contact form and set up a free data & voice infrastructure consultation. More →

The Leading Edge Newsletter: Spring Edition

Winter is gone…. but not forgotten.

With the return of spring, it’s easy to forget about the last few winters. In fact, winter weather damage cost businesses nearly $5 billion in the last two winter seasons.

Vaughn in bucket

This winter we saw exterior cameras full of water and even a data center with five inches of standing water, just to name a few examples of winter impact. More →